Video Book Trailer: Enigma – God’s Voice in Prophetic Art

Secret-low-Decoding-Devices-7-17-14Click on the link to see the Video on God Tube

Video Book Trailer: Enigma – God’s Voice In Prophetic Art: His Divine Secret Decoding Device published August 27, 2014

Drawing and painting your experiences with God, and your dreams and visions, is the foundation of what Prophetic Art is. The 21 Secret Decoding Devices give many examples and testimonies to help you begin to hear God’s Voice in your own Art prophetically. You will be surprised how much God has been speaking to you as well with encouraging enlightenment of your destiny.

Sorry, I’m on a learning curve as to how to get the video to show in a box on my website. ¬†Thanks for coming to check it out. Charlotte

To see it on YouTube click here YouTube Video Trailer of Enigma – God’s Voice In Prophetic Art

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