Illustrations Completed! “A Miracle At St Ann’s: The Orphan’s Christmas Miracle”

Illustrations CompletedCarol Grey Honza’s beautiful Christmas Book is finished and will be printed and ready to purchase for Christmas Gifts by the first week in November.

It was an honor and a privilege to be the Illustrator for Carol’s book.
You will not want to miss getting this Christmas mystery book! What an adventure we had! It was Carol’s first book to publish and my first book to Illustrate!
She needed an Illustrator and I needed the income to pay for the publication of my book that I was working on at the very same time! It was a God ordained connection through our mutual friend and favorite Xulon Press Representative, Rene Compton.
Many thanks go to Rene for helping to make this book a reality!

It was actually even more intense than birthing a baby but, equally as thrilling to see it come out of the mailer. I was inspecting the cover for a good 30 minutes before I even opened it up! Much like a new mother checks all of the tiny parts of a new born infant in her arms, declaring, “OH MY, OH MY, OH MY GOODNESS!”

I encourage you to contact Carol Honza through her e-mail address and purchase a copy or 2 or more for gifts for yourself and others.
Many blessings and best wishes on this book, to Carol and Jerry Honza.

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