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31 Aug 2014

Book Video Trailer – Enigma Prophetic Art Charlotte Dively

In this book you will discover insight about Prophetic Art Charlotte Dively has experienced ¬†and expressed creatively to help you unlock the secrets of Heaven with your own Art! Do you see dreams and visions? Drawing and painting your dreams, visions and supernatural experiences is the foundation of what Prophetic Art is. It may astound you with the wonders of God’s Handiwork. It is only a microscopic version of training, in comparison to what The Master will begin to show […]

09 Aug 2014

Video Book Trailer: Enigma – God’s Voice in Prophetic Art

Click on the link to see the Video on God Tube Video Book Trailer: Enigma – God’s Voice In Prophetic Art: His Divine Secret Decoding Device published August 27, 2014 Drawing and painting your experiences with God, and your dreams and visions, is the foundation of what Prophetic Art is. The 21 Secret Decoding Devices give many examples and testimonies to help you begin to hear God’s Voice in your own Art prophetically. You will be surprised how much God […]

28 Oct 2013

Illustrations Completed! “A Miracle At St Ann’s: The Orphan’s Christmas Miracle”

Carol Grey Honza’s beautiful Christmas Book is finished and will be printed and ready to purchase for Christmas Gifts by the first week in November. It was an honor and a privilege to be the Illustrator for Carol’s book. You will not want to miss getting this Christmas mystery book! What an adventure we had! It was Carol’s first book to publish and my first book to Illustrate! She needed an Illustrator and I needed the income to pay for […]

18 Oct 2003

Blog for Glory-Arts

The website is getting set up and soon to have more about future Glory-Arts Gatherings and Classes. October 27th Charlotte finished illustrating her very first book professionally along with a new Author, Carol Grey Honza. The book is called “A Mystery At St. Ann’s: The Orphan’s Christmas Miracle, which will be in bookstores for Christmas 2013! Charlotte’s Book on Prophetic Art will be coming out after the first of the Year 2014, which is called, “Enigma – God’s Voice in […]