Book Video Trailer – Enigma Prophetic Art Charlotte Dively

In this book you will discover insight about Prophetic Art Charlotte Dively has experienced  and expressed creatively to help you unlock the secrets of Heaven with your own Art!

Enigma_Lrg-Crown-300x300Do you see dreams and visions? Drawing and painting your dreams, visions and supernatural experiences is the foundation of what Prophetic Art is. It may astound you with the wonders of God’s Handiwork. It is only a microscopic version of training, in comparison to what The Master will begin to show you, as a future Prophetic Artist, currently pouring through the pages of this book.

It is a door to set you on course toward your destiny and amazing promises hidden in your dreams, visions, Bible study, prayers, worship and quiet time with God.

This book will help to open your spiritual eyes and ears to see, hear and understand God’s Voice and how He speaks to you today in a not so spooky way at all.

Discover 21 Divine Secret Decoding Devices that will transform your heart into a receiver of God’s revelation, love and hope for tomorrow.

Prepare yourself for the Greatest Show on Earth, as you embark upon “Your Journey” discovering your Hope Ships and portal of communication with God and Heaven through your own unique and specific Prophetic Art. Now, let’s get started! Charlotte A Dively, Author, Illustrator – Prophetic Artist


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